Unlocking Enrollment Opportunities

The key to improving enrollment and student advising is reliable, actionable data.

As an enrollment, admissions or marketing professional at your institution, here’s what you need to know:

What are your students looking for?

Are they finding what they’re looking for?

Are you offering what they’re looking for?

Help students find their way.

Selecting a major is difficult—let’s not make it any harder.

With The Major Key, you’ll never again have to make your prospective students wander through the wilderness of your course catalogue. You can offer them an intuitive search tool that speaks their language, allowing them to discover majors by their passions and careers of interest as search terms—not clunky, academic jargon.

We’ll get it started, then hand you the key.

Our experts will enter your course catalogue into The Major Key system and strategically keyword it, ensuring that students can easily search and discover your academic offerings. Then, we turn it over to you.

You’ll have 24-7 access to The Major Key, allowing you to edit your information and change multiple customizable aspects of your layout any time.

You’ll also have the ability to add select communication pieces, such as student and faculty profiles, study abroad options, undergraduate research opportunities, and more.


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