Attract more, enroll more and retain more students by matching them to the right programs.

The Major Key is the only academic major exploration system that:

  • Centralizes and organizes complex content
  • Decodes and enriches the academic language
  • Translates student interests and ambitions

“To have a one-stop shop where people can go and see all their academic opportunities is really a great tool for us, and something that really helps the students and families as they are searching for their college choice.”

Patrick Winter
Associate Vice-President for
Admissions and Enrollment at UGA

Prospective students know their interests but struggle to match them with the right major and translate their choice into a viable career. To solve this, RHB—a higher ed marketing consultancy with more than 26 years of experience working with colleges and universities—developed an interactive solution, aligning




in a searchable academic major exploration system.

The Major Key is the most effective system available for decoding academic language and providing rich exploration through a user-friendly, intuitive design, allowing students to easily discover programs of interests at your college or university.

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It’s easy to get started

Setup and on-boarding are quick and easy. Plus, if you ever need assistance, our tech team is ready to help.

No coding background required

The Major Key is designed in a user-friendly way, so you don’t need expert coding skills or an IT background to make updates and manage it.

It’s a great tool for counselors and advisors

The Major Key allows for counselors to help their prospects and current students thoroughly explore their institution’s entire collection of academic offerings—all from a tablet or smartphone.

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