IUPUI Partners with The Major Key to help support more effective major exploration by students

The Major Key (TMK), an academic major exploration system, announced this week it will partner with IUPUI to help them match more of the right students with the right programs. The Major Key is the only major exploration tool that centralizes complex content, decodes and enriches the academic language, and effectively translates student interests and ambitions.

Ashley Miller, Director of Marketing Research and Analytics at IUPUI, is thrilled to be working with The Major Key in the early adopter program. “In my role, I get to delve into the behavioral insights of our students in order to drive change and innovation. With The Major Key we are able to understand our students more than ever before and provide them a tool to help make more informed choices and meet their needs in an innovative way,” says Miller. She believes many institutions are struggling with the best manner to help students understand the variety of majors available and how they fit with their personal passions. “I didn’t have the solution and was not aware of The Major Key. When I talked about the opportunity to be a part of the early adopter program, I realized I found a cost-effective and meaningful way to solve our problem and deliver a tool to students allowing them to speak in their own language and explore majors and careers.”

The Major Key is currently inviting interested universities/colleges to participate in the Early Adopter Program. Prior to making the new product more widely available, TMK would like to work with a small group of institutions to validate impact with a diverse mix of student populations. We will accept limited participants in the program through December 31st, 2019. Participants in the program will benefit from the waiving of the implementation fee, the reduction of the standard rate by 33%, and will be able to have access to findings generated from other program participants; including identified best practices unrelated to TMK.

“We are excited to see the interest in our product,” says Sam Waterson, President of RHB (The Major Key’s parent company). “Through our research, we know schools struggle to effectively understand how prospects are interacting with academic exploration. With The Major Key, schools can improve on effectively reporting major exploration data to key stakeholders and help increase yield rates.”

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